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The Life-Changing Workshop

Long time readers of my blog know that I consider workshops to be the backbone of my Realist education. 

I was not able to attend a full-time atelier like I dreamed of doing, but I planned my workshops carefully, and I worked hard in every class: I picked the instructor’s mind as much as they would let me, and I practiced exactly what I’d learned back at my home studio. I worked hard, and saw real improvement in a relatively short time.

In my experience, even just 5-10 days with a gifted instructor can literally be life-changing. It happened to me, several times.

That’s why I offer Workshops and Part-Time Classes at my Atelier, in addition to our Full Time Program. Not everyone is in a place in their life where they can study full time, but if you are VERY thirsty for knowledge it’s possible to achieve a high level of skill and ability even without attending a full-time atelier.

Click to see our incredible lineup of the finest workshop teachers scheduled for 2014

I’m excited to see our students experience these life-changing intensives!

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