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This was the blog I updated regularly for a decade. I no longer update it, but I keep it live because it has a lot of valuable information.

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Featured in American Painting Video Magazine

Last month American Painting Video Magazine visited me in my San Francisco studio and interviewed me for their Summer issue, just released yesterday! You can hear an interview with me in my studio and also in-process footage of my newest painting, Undersea.

Download Volume 2, Summer issue here!

15.75 x 20 inches, oil on panel 

About the painting:

Walking through San Francisco’s historic North Beach neighborhood, I stopped to look at a shop window full of collectibles and curiosities, and caught sight of a large, barnacle-encrusted bottle. I went in and spoke to the shop owner, who said he he had dredged up the bottle from the bottom of the San Francisco Bay while diving.

We struck a deal, I walked home with my treasure, and the next day the barnacle bottle was perched on my still life shelf, quietly demanding to be painted.

Over the next few days an arrangement evolved which promised to consume my studio time for weeks: A collection of salvaged treasures seemingly dredged up from the bottom of the sea. 

In this painting I have grouped objects with a variety of edges and textures: The waxed paper nearly disappears as it melts into the shadows of the background, while the spiny contours of the crab claw strike a dramatic silhouette. The soft cool highlights of the glass bottle must compete with the warm, sharp whites of the barnacle shells.

To capture this variety requires the most subtle decisions about color, value, and edge control. It takes many layers of thin oil paint to create the final result, as many as seven to ten layers in the most complicated areas.


Published: "American Art Collector" and "International Artist"

This month my artwork is published in two major art magazines:

International Artist Magazine has published my step-by-step demo of my Self Portrait drawing. Next month they are publishing the steps of the oil painting.
Download the International Artist article PDF 


American Art Collector Magazine has published a preview article for the Still Life Invitational at Susan Powell Fine Art, where I was quoted and my painting “Message in a Bottle” was featured. Also, Susan took out a full page ad in the same issue, and featured my painting “Bottle Collection” in the ad.

Download the AAC Article PDF

What a month!

Susan Powell Fine Art 
679 Boston Post Road
Madison, Connecticut 06443

Show dates: April 1 - May 7, 2011
Opening reception on Friday, April 1, 5 - 8 pm


Webcast Recap


Yesterday I did my first Webcast studio tour and demo, this is me standing in front of the camera, ready for my close-up!
UPDATE: Watch the Webcast again!
The webcast was recorded, so you can still click here to register and watch the whole thing, including a drawing demo, a color-mixing demo, and lots of great questions and answers.

The webcast went great and I really enjoyed myself. We had visitors from around the world, including as far away as Finland and Australia. The audience asked really good questions and kept me talking. I felt like I just skimmed over so many great topics, so I'm hoping to do a whole day-long workshop webcast in the future.
Here is my handsome camera guy, my husband Nowell, who turned a corner of my studio into a professional broadcasting suite for the day, complete with mixing board and a backup boom mic mounted on the camera, just in case my fancy rented wireless lapel mic didn't work (it worked great, though!).
A closer look at the sound and video setup. We had a brief moment of freeze-screen, but other than that we sailed through without any major technical hiccups. Phew!
My studio looked so spiffy I had to take some photos.
Above is my little still life painting corner where I spend most my time.



Webcast viewers got a look at my most recent painting which will be shipped to Arcadia Gallery in New York for the Sept 23 Small Works show.


We talked about what paints, panels, and brushes I use, and I did a little demo showing how I mix up cool and warm strings of neutral colors on my palette.

For more info you can click here to see all my blog posts about Materials

My still life shelf is at the left, my model stand is in the middle. To the right I have screens arranged as a changing room for my models.
Lady Victoire is looking happy.
The studio doors and a couple recent paintings on easels.
Thanks everyone who was able to register and attend, it was a huge success and I look forward to doing it again!

UPDATE: Watch the Webcast again!
The webcast was recorded, so you can still click here to register and watch the whole thing, including a drawing demo, a color-mixing demo, and lots of great questions and answers.



Artist Daily Interview

Courtney Jordan, editor of Artist Daily, the website of American Artist Magazine, interviewed me recently for the website newsletter and blog.

Courtney studied art history and loves still life painting, so we had a fun and wide-ranging discussion. I don't know how but she managed to beautifully organize all my rambling tangents into a lovely cohesive narrative about my process for choosing my subjects. Read the article at the link below:

Artist Daily: Meeting your Artistic Match


American Art Collector Feature

I'm thrilled to be included in the March 2010 issue of American Art Collector Magazine, to hit the stands in about 10 days (the PDF for subscribers is available now).

The article promotes my March show with Michael Lynn Adams at M Gallery in Florida. I will be showing several of my Wax Paper series, as well as the new Conch Shell and Pewter Pitcher paintings.


Lines and Colors Feature

I've been following Charley Parker's blog Lines and Colors for years now and as I pore over every post it's always been my secret fantasy that maybe someday my work would be featured on his blog... and today is my day!

If you don't already know Lines and Colors, be sure to click over and be ready to expose yourself to a wonderful lineup of artists and art movements. Each post profiles a different painter or illustrator, historic or contemporary, and Charley always shares a unique twist of interest into the artist's working methods or story. He seems fueled by an endless curiosity, and reading his blog you'll find yourself caught up in his energy and enthusiasm, too.


American Artist Drawing Magazine

The Fall 2007 issue of American Artist: Drawing magazine has a twelve page article all about BACAA, and my artwork is featured in the article! There are photos of me working on my cast drawing, and my drawing of Caroline is published as well. I am also quoted throughout the article.

The print magazine is available at art supply stores and large bookstores, and you can read the full article online here!