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Lecture by George O'Hanlon of Natural Pigments

Last Friday evening we all enjoyed an incredibly informative 3-hour lecture on “Painting for Posterity” with George O’Hanlan of Natural Pigments, manufacturer of high quality artists’ materials.

George and his wife Tatiana presented the lecture and gave a live paint-mixing demonstration, sharing all the knowledge they have gained through extensive scientific analysis of the materials artists depend upon.

George and Tatiana return to my San Francisco studio in May to teach a 3-day workshop on “Painting Best Practices, I hope you can join us!

About the workshop:
“Natural Pigments spent years developing a technical workshop to teach skills that are not taught in art school and universities—a thorough understanding of artist’s materials and tools, what they are designed to do, when to chose them and how to provide considerable longevity to your finished work. This workshop covers the most important aspects of painting that have proven to be the best practices over the centuries.”

>> Click here for more information about the “Painting Best Practices” workshop

George O’Hanlon, Tatiana Zaytseva, Nowell Valeri, Kate Stone, David Gluck, and Sadie ValeriThe lecture was a wonderful way to wrap up our 5-day workshop with Kate Stone, who taught an inspiring workshop on “Textural and Optical Effects in Still Life Painting”, showing us how she achieves incredible, tactile effects for subjects such as wood grain, fur, glass and a variety of natural objects.

Students were encouraged to bring their own materials in addition to a variety of subjects we provided, and each were able to create a painting to experiment with all the methods Kate teaches. We were lucky to have Kate’s husband, painter David Gluck, participate in the workshop as well.

Together Kate and David author the blog “Painting Stuff to Look Like Stuff” which has established itself as one of the most informative and entertaining sources of information for realist painters.

Kate working on her demo paintingStudent working on her paintingDavid working on his painting

Kate teachingThank you so much to Kate Stone, Dave Gluck, George O’Hanlon and Tatiana Zaytseva for bringing such inspiration and knowledge to the studio this week!

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